Tasmanian Independent Retailers (TIR) currently represents more than 180 independently owned and operated businesses of which more than 80 trade under the IGA branding with the remaining falling into the non advertised / C-Store channel. Retailers under the IGA channel fall into the three tiered channel structure of Supa IGA, IGA Everyday & IGA X-Press.

For more than 60 years, TIR has proudly acted as the representative body of Tasmanian independently owned grocery stores and supermarkets. Each business is Tasmanian owned and operated, in most cases by families who work long hours to ensure the viability and success of their operation.

In addition to direct employment, TIR members’ trading activities indirectly provide support and employment opportunities for thousands of other Tasmanians. TIR members keep local money circulating locally, creating significant revenue and investment spin-offs throughout the State.

TIR is also a co-owner of Statewide Independent Wholesalers (SIW), a warehouse and distribution centre and service outlet.

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